What to do After a Motorcycle Accident

If you or someone in your family has been recently involved in a motorcycle accident go to the nearest hospital or urgent care clinic.  It is important to understand the extent of your injuries even if you’re feeling ok.  If you’re in southern California feel free to look into this facility in La Jolla.  The next step will be to contact an accident lawyer to find out what legal options you have to make personal injury and damages claims from your insurance company. But first there are things you have to do immediately after an accident to make sure you are ok and the people with you are also not hurt badly and if so, their condition is not worsened.

Immediately after a motorcycle accident do;

  • Relax and remain calm to regain you composure.

People involved in auto accidents tend to panic and more often than not this only worsens the situation. Should you ever find yourself at the scene of an accident that you were involved in, try to breathe deeply and calm yourself reminding yourself that it is all over.

  • Check for any motorcycle injury you might have sustained

You should do a thorough check on your body and call an ambulance if you are not sure you are ok. Even if you feel ok at the moment you should still visit a doctor to have them examine you for fractures and other signs of internal injury.

  • Move out of the way

If it was a minor accident then you should move the bike away from the road and give way for other motorists as soon as the enforcement officers have inspected the scene. For more serious accidents, all the injured should be moved away from the wreckage carefully not to worsen their condition.

  • Put warning signs

You should always be prepared with warning signs to put behind you and ahead to warn other motorists that there is an accident up ahead to avert further disaster. Also, if they still work, turn on the hazards on your vehicle to make sure other motorists are able to see that you are immobile.

  • Call law enforcement

Always call law enforcement officers to the scene of any bike accident whether minor or serious.

  • Call your insurance agent

Notify your insurance company immediately after seeing the doctor or on getting home from the scene of the hospital or at the scene if you are not injured.

  • Consult a Personal injury and auto accident lawyer

Finding yourself an attorney will e he best favor you can do yourself after being involved in an accident if you don’t have one already.

  • Document the accident

You should make detailed notes of the accident as it happened while the memory is still fresh in your head stating only facts.

  • Note the name of the other driver and registration of vehicle

The name of their insurance company will also be helpful.

  • Keep track of medical treatment expenses

If you are to be adequately compensated for these and all other expenses you incur due to the accident, then you will need to show proof of making the payments. Do not lose the receipts.

Takin the above steps will make sure you do not jeopardize your chances of settling an insurance claim for damages resulting for you motorcycle accident. Please note that it nearly impossible that you can pull this through on your own without the legal counsel or background in law education so do yourself a favor, hire an auto accident attorney.

Cafe Racer Motorcycle Statistics – Some Interesting Facts

Cafe racers are lightweight, moderately powered motorcycles built for handling and speed rather than for riding comfort. Finding the right cafe racer for sale can be a difficult process but thompson reid has put together one of the best resources and posts with a list of builders.  As opposed to the regular racing bikes, they sport a trimmed-down, compact design characterized by low-mounted handlebars, single seat, and an elongated fuel tank usually with knee grips indented on it. The narrow handlebars allow the rider to lie almost flat over the tank to minimize the wind resistance. These motorcycles were first used in Britain in the 1960s by the bikers who used them for short races between cafes. However, the Cafe Racer Motorcycle Statistics suggest that popularity of these bikes dramatically increased between 1970 and 1990.

Facts and Statistics about Cafe Racer Motorcycles

The Early Days:

The earliest cafe racers were predominantly British bikes – BSA, Norton, Triumph, AJA, etc. None of them were exceptionally fast, but they fulfilled the objective of most riders of that era (and even today) which was to hit 100 mph, dubbed as a Ton. Once a rider has demonstrated that his racer is capable of that speed, he was considered a member of The Ton Up Club. Over the years, this culture eventually spread to the United States and Australia where cafe racer enthusiasts actively participate in racing events even today.

From the legendary BSA Gold Star (1950s) to the Royal Enfield Continental GT (2014), all cafe racers sport moderately-powered engines with a capacity of 250cc-750cc. What makes a cafe racer more lovable is the fact that you can turn virtually any bike into a cafe racer provided that you get the right parts. The basic principle behind building a cafe racer is pretty much the same – trim down the weight and modify the fuel tank and handlebars. In fact, many European manufacturers including BMW, Benelli, Derbi and Bultaco produce “cafe” variants of their regular motorcycles with no engine modifications at all. From the Cafe Racer Motorcycle Statistics collected over the last 50 years, hundreds of thousands of these bikes were sold in Europe alone.

The Story Behind the Name:

The name “cafe racer” was initially used as a derogatory term to describe the riders who were just pretending to be racers. They were criticized for parking their highly modified bikes in front of cafes instead of racing with them.

The Role of Cafe Racers in the Evolution of British Subcultures:

Cafe Racers are extensively used by a British sub-culture called the Rockers, a rebellious and young group that moved on fast and personalized bikes to travel from one transport cafe to another alongside the arterial motorways in England. Today, many international subcultures claim to have derived their roots from the Rockers. In an iconic setting of the 1960s England, the Rockers often used to clash with the Mods, another sub-culture known for its modified scooters, tailor-made suits and their love for jazz music.

We deduce from the international Cafe Racer Motorcycle Statistics that the popularity of this bike genre remains unchanged even after fifty years of its origin. Anyone with a desire to own a light motorcycle that is capable of reaching good speed on the highway will enjoy a cafe racer. However, due to its unconventional design and riding posture, this kind of motorcycle may not be for you if you are buying your first bike.